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The braided line market is becoming pretty crowded these days, so for your product to be recognised by the industry
as the best new braid is a real triumph. This is exactly what happened to Power Pro Bite Motion at the Australian Fishing Tackle Association trade show back in August.

Ideal for finesse fishing on anything from freshwater trout to knobby-headed snapper, Bite Motion is available in 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 and 30 pound breaking strains on 150 metre spools.

Bite Motion is a high visibility orange in colour, making it perfect for situations where using the line as a bite indicator
is vital to success, but its visibility is enhanced even further by the presence of 13 centimetre black sections every metre. Against the orange main line, these are easy to see, and all you have to do is watch them closely and strike the moment they move. The black marks can also prove handy in targeting fish at a specific depth, or setting up a tight trolling spread.

Of course, Bite Motion is well suited to fishing scenarios where braided lines’ many attributes like fine diameter, high breaking strain and zero stretch are beneficial, but for fishing
in tricky situations such as fast current and/or wary fish, it is without peer.


An eps file of the QR Code is included for publication in the high resolution download zip.Using your smart phone, download a QR Code reader application from the Apple App Store, Android Market, or Blackberry Appworld. Once installed simply point your phone's camera at the QR Code to scan, and watch the product video.